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Energy Management Program

What is the goal of the Energy Management Program?
This program will help your electric cooperative better manage costs, conserve energy, reduce the need to build new power plants, help the environment and lessen the impact of rate increases. By participating, you allow RushShelby Energy to install a device that allows us to control your water heater and air conditioner during times when demand for electricity is at its peak.

What are the benefits of the Energy Management Program?
By managing energy usage when demand is high (when you and your neighbors are using the most electricity), our supplier can reduce demand during those times when energy is most expensive. This can also result in a reduction of greenhouse gases, which will have a positive impact on our environment.

So will I see a savings on my power bill if I participate?
The impact per consumer is small, so you really won’t notice a difference on your power bill. But with thousands of people enrolled across the region, the Energy Management Program can help us avoid purchasing power during those times when it’s most expensive, and it helps us slow the pace of rising energy costs.

How does the program work?
Our power supplier sends a signal to a device connected to your water heater and air conditioner. This signal instructs the device to cycle your unit, powering down the heating/cooling elements for a short period of time (usually between two and four hours) and bringing them back up in time to ensure you have adequate hot water and air conditioning.

Will I run out of hot water? Or feel uncomfortable with the air is cycled off?
You should have plenty of hot water in your tank to handle your showers, chores and other household tasks. The air conditioner is not cycled to ‘off’. The unit will be cycled for brief periods while the circulation fan continues to operate. You should notice no difference in the amount of hot water available, and should notice little difference in the air temperature of your home.

Why is RushShelby Energy promoting a program that will help it sell less electricity?
RushShelby Energy is a cooperative, and that means we have a real concern for the communities we serve. The Energy Management Program will help manage the peak demand for power, which is more expensive during those times when you and your neighbors are using the most electricity.

So how do I participate in the Energy Management Program?
Participation is simple. Call RushShelby Energy, and we’ll walk you through the steps to enroll in the Energy Management. It will cost you absolutely nothing to participate. Save Money by Saving Energy – It’s Up To You.

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