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Touchstone Energy Home Program

Touchstone Energy Home Program

Imagine building a home with a higher level of comfort, guaranteed heating and cooling costs and peace of mind, knowing you are living in a high-quality home. All of this is possible when building a Touchstone Energy Home. By working with one of our trained builders (or encouraging your builder to be trained and certified), you will be able to partner with RushShelby Energy during the construction of your new home. Throughout the building process, you will be guided in the right direction as you make decisions about your new home.

Every Touchstone Energy Home is required to meet a specific set of high standards that surpass the expectations of the state and national energy-efficiency guidelines. This helps to ensure that homes are then:

  • More energy efficient
  • Less expensive to heat and cool
  • Environmentally friendly
  • More comfortable

Upon the completion of a Touchstone Energy Home, homeowners are provided with a Certified Energy Rating and a written guarantee of heating and cooling costs.

If you are interested in learning more about building a Touchstone Energy Home, call Jason Clemmons at 765-544-2923.

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